RIP JP Auclair | RIP Andreas Fransson: Remembering Two Of The Absolute Best

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Andreas Fransson in Chamonix, France, early this year. Photo: Daniel Ronnback
Andreas Fransson in Chamonix, France.  Photo: Daniel Ronnback

Andreas Fransson and JP Auclair two years ago today lost their lives in the Patagonian Andes to a massive avalanche from above the 3,000 ft. couloir they were ascending while filming the webisode “Apogee Skiing”. The two will forever be linked by the enormous tragedy that rocked the ski world on that day.

Andreas Fransson
Andreas Fransson

Andreas Fransson: Born April 15 1983 in Sweden,  Andreas was known for his meticulous and calculating approach to every mountain.  In the spring of 2011, Andreas navigated the inaugural descent down the South Face of Denali. He was very well known for the difficulty of his expeditions which he matched with the frequency of his attempts.  His personal info sheds all the perspective you need.

“Professional skier, casual writer, adventurer and philosopher from the north of Sweden traveling extensively climbing mountains to understand just a little bit more about this reality…”-Andreas Fransson

Safe Passions is a mountain safety and awareness program for young adults that was founded in Andreas’ name by his sister Sandra. The organizations’ mission:

“Safe Passions is a non-profit organization where all funds will go to help increase the awareness and knowledge about safety in the mountains to youth and young adults who do not always have the means or possibilities to acquire this in the extent they would like.”-Safe Passions       

JP Auclair
JP Auclair


JP Auclair: Born August 22 1977 Ste Foy Quebec. Regarded as one of the best all around skiers ever JP is legendary: Co founder of Armada skis the twin tip sensation was as visionary as JP himself whom was loved by so many. His contributions literally evolved the sport into what it has become today. Widely recognized as being the star of the most viewed ski vid in history from the wild urban skiing segment in the 2011 movie ‘All I Can’.

JP Auclair in 'All I Can"
JP Auclair in ‘All I Can”

From the New Canadian Air Force defecting from the International Ski Federation in the 90’s to National Geographic Adventurer Of The Year in 2014 to ALL I CAN think of in between, JP did it with class.

JP ripping it up in Dorny Switzerland
JP ripping it up in Dorny Switzerland

“I consider JP to be one of the most brilliant minds of the action sports world—creative, dedicated, principled, and universally loved. He’s had an outstanding career as a pro skier and has been one of the most influential skiers of all time,” – Mike Douglas



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