VIDEO: ‘Lifted’ By Tim Swartz | JACKSON HOLE WY Backcountry Video Of The Year

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This is one of the best videos we’ve ever seen come out of Jackson Hole, WY and some great videos have come out of this place.

Jackson declares this piece of art the BEST JACKSON HOLE BACKCOUNTRY VIDEO OF THE YEAR!

“Tim Swartz is an unassuming shredder in Jackson Hole and he just put together one of the best Jackson Hole backcountry segments we have ever seen.”- Jackson

Lifted by Tim Swartz 2016
Lifted by Tim Swartz 2016

“While in recovery from an injury last season, Tim decided that even though he couldn’t crush his favorite backcountry lines personally, he could certainly film his local crew stomping them. What he has produced is some seriously jaw-dropping footage of the Jackson Hole classics, giving them new life and new perspective.”-Jackson 

Lifted by Tim Swartz '15/16
Lifted by Tim Swartz ’15/16

Not only are these drone shots unreal, but the skiing is top-notch, and the conditions are suberb.  

These are the sickest lines in Jackson Hole. Check out the Conditions Report from SnowBrains last month. This year has all the earmarks of a long deep winter.

This is Jackson Hole as we’ve never seen it before.

“Love em or hate em, drones are pretty amazing videography tools. What originally started as a distraction during a year of recovery from injury became a full blown passion. Getting to film my friends crushing big lines around Jackson and Fernie from the air was all the distraction I needed.” Tim Swartz Higher End Production

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