VIDEO: Sawyer Thomas 2016 Season Edit | Going Mega Sendy and Absolutey Huge

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Sawyer Thomas shreds a mix of classic lines, while venturing into some new territory throughout this edit. It shows his skill while shredding Jackson Hole, Colorado, Montana, and the Deserts of Southern Utah. This video is sure to impress and initiate a jealous feeling regarding the spectacular conditions that he experiences along the way.

“Last year was the best winter of my life! I’m so excited to rip around with everyone again this coming season! Huge thanks to everyone that helped out with the process, Riis Rachel Wilbrecht, Joey Thomason, Carson Meyer, Davey Baird, Colleen Winn, Coen Bennie-Faull, Connor E Field, Matt Evans and all the others,” stated Sawyer Thomas.

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