VIDEO: “Dry Times” | Lake Tahoe Drought And Its Economic Impact

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Tahoe: The word is literally synonymous with water. Tahoe in the Native American translation means Big Water.  “Dry Times” is scheduled to debut January 2017. The first full length film on the subject, by Alex Gregory and partner Anurag Kumar, both 24,  puts a flood light on the recent drought conditions that are not only drying up the ski resorts around Lake Tahoe, but many of the businesses associated with the industry as well.

“It’s a hybrid between a ski movie and a documentary,”- Alex Gregory

The film is about the economic and environmental impact of the severe drought conditions California has become all too familiar with. Covering many local businesses, farms, fire officials, ski resorts, skiers and meteorologists, Gregory and Kumar,  leave no stone unturned. Fifteen to 20 percent of the film will focus on the broader scope of the drought according to Gregory.

“Right now in Southern California, there’s been a big wildfire problem throughout the summer. We’re interviewing a firefighter and maybe another scientist in this area specifically, and we’d be incorporating that into the movie as well,”

While a large portion of the film focuses on the drought’s effect on Lake Tahoe, it’s the partners’ goal that the film alerts people to California’s drought situation as a whole. Here’s to a healthy white winter this year and every year. In the meantime the biggest badass ‘Pray For Snow’ Party in Lake Tahoe next month sounds apropos to me.

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