1 DEEP Week: Revelstoke Video Conditions Update

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With resorts back home in California reporting up to 9 inches of new snow over the past week, it feels as though Revelstoke received upwards of 9 feet.  While that’s not entirely true, they have received over 3 feet of snow over the past week, and the forecast is currently calling for some more of the same.  The video above chronicles some of the goods to be found around Revelstoke over the past 4 days.

All the new snow made for some pretty sweet, albeit pretty hard to see, conditions for the first stop in the 4* Freeride World Qualifiers.  The level of skiing and riding put on display by the entire field was quite impressive to watch.

Trying hard, to no avail…

Revelstoke Freeride World Qualifiers Results

Men Ski

  1. Tom Peiffer
  2. Andrew Pollard
  3. Kevin Nichols

Women Ski

  1. Elsa Smith
  2. Olivia Askew
  3. Sydney Ricketts

Men Snowboard

  1. Ben Smith
  2. Ludovic Guilot-Diat
  3. Chance Lenay

Women Snowboard

  1. Nicole Kelly
  2. Michelle Locke
  3. Christina Bruno

All we can say about Revelstoke is wow, what a time.  Interior BC seems to never fail, and Revelstoke Mountain Resort is right in the middle of it all!

Spectators at the bottom of the venue
Popping mini pillows around the resort today

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