1 of Best Freeskiers on Earth, Sam Kuch, Breaks Femur on Tuesday

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Last Tuesday, big-time professional freeskier Sam Kuch from Neslon, BC crashed into a tree and broke his femur.

Sam is one of the very best freeskiers on Earth right now.

I mean that.

Right now the best freeskiers on Earth may be:

  • Candide Thovex
  • Marcus Eder
  • Sam Kuch

Breaking your femur, the biggest bone in your body, is one of the most painful things you can do to your body.

“A broken femur definitely maxed out my pain record.” – Sam Kuch

The good news is that most skiers recover from femur breaks with no residual consequences.

Professional freeskier and fellow Canadian Ian MacIntosh broke his femur filming in Alaska in 2011 and came back to ski like a boss for many years after.

Anyone who breaks their femur ends up with a long titanium rod in their femur and some screws to hold it in place.

We hope that Sam heals up strong and is crushing it again next season!

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One thought on “1 of Best Freeskiers on Earth, Sam Kuch, Breaks Femur on Tuesday

  1. Because if you haven’t heard of them, they don’t exist. Those who claim are those who are lame. Probably a dozen guys in the Chamonix who don’t give a hoot about your social media crap, who could rip these goons to shreds. Respect on Candide, nobody even comes close to matching his skills.

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