Legendary 10 Barrel Brewing’s BeerCat Will Be at Pebble Creek, ID March 7th

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Now you can get refreshments on the slopes, without even having to leave the ski runs, thanks to 10 Barrel Brewing Company’s cool mobile snow pub, the ‘BeerCat’. The tour continues, with the BeerCat landing at Pebble Creek, ID on March 7th.

Snowcats are a big part of ski area operations. They’re used to groom the snow, get supplies all over the mountain, and also sightseeing tours for non-skiers. The ‘BeerCat’ just adds another use of these versatile machines: a mobile brewpub on the slopes.

beercat, 10 barrel brewing
The BeerCat! Credit: 10 Barrel Brewing

10 Barrel Brewing Company, based in Bend, Oregon, is behind the concept:

“It’s a 1987 LMC snowcat with a custom-built bar attached to the back,” said Megan Mooney, a brand ambassador with 10 Barrel Brewing. “We can go anywhere a snowcat goes. That was kind of our vision.”

The Beer Cat has a three-sided wooden bar, lights and a stereo for music, and three taps of beer. 

“We took one of our famous mini-pubs and put it on the back of a snowcat. The Beercat was created for epic days on top of mountains. Made to Drink Beer Outside anywhere, any time. We’ll see you on the summit!”

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