10 Barrel: Drinking Beer Is Required In A Mountain Town

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Cheers to mountain times, enjoying brews. Image: Reilly Goldberg, 10 Barrel Brewing Co.

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Some people say altitude and alcohol don’t mix. But everyone knows beer and mountain life have a strong bond. A frothy beer seems to go hand-in-hand with the froth-fest of snow life. The beer company out of Oregon called 10 Barrel aspires to make beers to drink as part of an experience while outdoors and living life. It is all about sending it and having fun with friends. 

In true mountain culture, beer is the drink of choice for many ski bums, aspiring and seasoned. A hard-earned thirst is earned after the first day of learning how to slide, on powder days, or any day on the slopes. Beer is there to add to the experience of mountain life.

There are also occasions where beer is required, ingrained in the culture. Would it really be Gaper Day or a ski instructor initiation if there was no beer?

The old saying, it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere is taken religiously serious by many. Even for mountain holiday goers, they buy into the beer-drinking-mountain-lifestyle coming from nearly all walks of life; refined city slickers to sporting jocks and aspiring dirtbags alike.

Most mountain riders have snuck a cheeky pocket brew for the chair. Image: Reilly Goldberg, 10 Barrel Brewing Co.

It really does beg the question: are you a skier or snowboarder if you have not enjoyed a beer in an idyllic mountain town? I think not.

From parking lots overlooking resorts, steamy hot tubs, dive bars where the locals hide from tourists, after a long day of resort skiing or touring, beer is there. These are just some situations where beer is expected to be within reach.

Some beers are heavier than others, therefore more appropriate at different times of the day when in a mountain town. A day on the slopes wouldn’t want to be weighed down by a heavy beer at lunchtime, but a heavier beer may be required as part of recovering after a long day slashing powder.

After all, ski bums are really athletes at heart and should take their beer consumption into consideration. 

Have you ever thought about what beer is perfect for shotgunning on the chair lift? Sipping-on in the hot tub after a long day of slashing powder? Or for dancing on tables at après?

There are times where nature and beer go together. Image: Reilly Goldberg, 10 Barrel Brewing Co.

Most 10 Barrel beers embody these ideals, making them the perfect beers for the optimal drinking and mountain experience. With so many beverages available, it is hard to make a recommendation although, special mention goes to the following:

  • Pray For Snow their seasonal winter ale, which changes every year; after all, no season is ever the same. Best enjoyed while snow dancing, #prayforsnow. A special beer where 1% of sales go to Protect Our Winters.
  • Profuse Juice has an East Coast IPA style, best enjoyed during mellow activities—hot tub, anyone?
  • Nature Calls is a mountain IPA, East vs. West Coast, and can be drunk anywhere.
  • Pub Beer was originally made as an employee beer but was so popular they had to offer it for everyone and is appropriate for every situation, all day long.

Thinking about beer and skiing puts a smile on almost any mountain lover’s face because a beer associated with the mountains is happiness and good times.

Enjoy your brews responsibly, and always keep alpine codes in mind when enjoying alcohol. Until we meet in the mountains, enjoy and get hoppy.

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