10 Reasons Why College Students Should Get The Ikon Pass

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Ikon Pass
Ripping some Winter Park pow. Photo courtesy of Ikon Pass.

When you’re a die-hard powder fiend it makes sense that you would choose your college based off of how close you could live to your favorite mountain.

Whether you’re hitting the books a few miles from the mountains or a plane ride away, the Ikon Pass is a college student’s golden ticket to the most iconic mountains in North America.

Ikon Pass
Après ski in Winter Park. Photo courtesy of Ikon Pass.


10 Reasons Why College Students Should Get

The Ikon Pass


1. Whether you are looking for a quick day trip or a spring break destination, the Ikon Pass will set you up.

The Ikon Pass is the ultimate game changer for college shredders trying to hit the slopes after classes or planning a spring break mountain getaway. The freedom that the Ikon Pass gives you allows you to choose the type of trip you want without being limited by the restrictions that come with buying your ticket slope side.

2. The Ikon Pass college student discount.

Ramen eating college students do not fear, the Ikon Pass and the Ikon Base Pass offer a discount for college students. Check the Ikon Pass’s pricing for details.

3. Park rats and adrenaline junkies can find their perfect mountain fit with the Ikon Pass.

Whether you’re a park rat looking to hit Mammoth’s Unbound or gearing up for Corbit’s Couloir at Jackson Hole, the Ikon Pass can get you there. The uniqueness that each destination on the Ikon Pass offers makes it great for finding your perfect mountain.

Ikon Pass
Endless pow shots under Squaw’s bluebird sky. Photo courtesy of Ikon Pass.

4. The Ikon Pass’s 26 unique destinations allow you to go near and far.

If you’re a college kid out on the East Coast and you’re looking to experience the elevations of the West, the Ikon Pass can get you there. From Stratton to Squaw Valley the Ikon Pass helps you get up and go.

5. You’ll never get tired of the same old trails on the Ikon Pass.

College is the time to make memories that last a lifetime with your best friends. With the Ikon Pass your memories don’t have to be limited to one mountain. Every destination on the Ikon Pass is an opportunity for new terrain, new people, and new adventures.

6. You can take your skis and the party international with the Ikon Pass.

Not only does the Ikon Pass give you access to some of the best terrain in the U.S., but it also covers mountains in the Canadian providences of Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia. If you go to school near the border your access to these international gems is made easier with the Ikon Pass.

Ikon Pass
Snow doesn’t get much better than the pow at Steamboat. Photo courtesy of Ikon Pass.

7. Your knees are in the best condition that they will ever be in, so take advantage of them with the Ikon Pass.

Your college years are the golden era for your fitness levels, so you may as well hit as many of North America’s best mountain destinations as possible. Put your legs to the test on iconic runs like the Outer Limits at Killington, Kiwi Flats at Mammoth Mountain or Chute 75 at Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows.

8. The Ikon Pass will help you complete your shredding bucket list one mountain destination at a time.

Every college shredder keeps a bucket list of their must-ski mountain destinations in the notes on their phone. The 26 destinations on the Ikon Pass can get you 26 times closer to completing your bucket list.

9. It’s never been easier to plan your spring break trip with the Ikon Pass.

Why go to Cabo for spring break when you have 26 unique destinations to choose from on the Ikon Pass? True mountain lovers know that spring break is so much better when it’s spent on the slopes. The Ikon Pass offers you variety in building your spring break trip, so you never have to settle for the beach when the mountains are calling.

Ikon Pass
Enjoy the slopes day and night at Steamboat. Photo courtesy of Ikon Pass.

10. The real world is coming, and the only thing that may be able to easy that looming doom is knowing that you’ve got the Ikon Pass.

Your college career will be over in four years or less, and for most that is a scary thought. Long nights at the office, entry level wages, and business trips may be haunting your dreams at night, but have no fear, the Ikon Pass can turn your nightmares into sweet dreams. Turn your image of that boring business trip into a vision of you ditching your colleagues for an impromptu shred sesh at the closest mountain. The freedom to live your life without giving up your passion for the outdoors is possible with the Ikon Pass, and makes the real world seem a little less scary.


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