10 TRILLION Gallons of Water Over The Next 7 Days For CA Lake Oroville Dam Watershed

Chris Wallner | | WeatherWeather
Rain forecast. Image: Weather Bell

Forecasts calling for totals of 5+” of rain along the coast and 10-12″ at high elevations is going to add up to 10 trillion gallons of additional water hitting the Lake Oroville Dam in the next 7 days, according to WUWT. A series of strong storms has impacted California as of late and the strongest of which is currently hitting the area. The stress on the dam is building and it is in the air as to whether or not it can withstand all of this pressure.

Workers scramble at the Dam. Image: Marcus Yam / Los Angeles Times

Water is currently flowing out of the lake faster than it is flowing in, which is giving officials time to work on the Dam before more water moves in. It is holding up better as of now, but we will see as time goes on, when rainfall increases and run off does the same.

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