1/2 Sunshine, 1/2 Clouds, & The First FWQ Stop: Revelstoke Update + Photo Tour

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Beautiful morning vistas from the top of the Stoke chair

The storm is beginning to settle at Revelstoke, and with the calm came some welcome sunshine in the morning, a bit of clouds and snow flurries in the afternoon, and quite the sendy kick off of the 4* Freeride World Qualifier Series.  That said, the main groomer under the chair was a highlight today, as you could watch skiers and riders from all over the world get a little wild on Separate Reality.

Xander hucking a backflip off the bottom money booter at the comp today

Freeride World Qualifier Day 1 Results:

Ski Men

  1. Keegan Morrone
  2. Tom Peiffer
  3. Andrew Pollard

Ski Women

  1. Elsa Smith
  2. Olivia Askew
  3. Tonje Kvivik

Men Snowboard

  1. Ben Smith
  2. Chance Lenay
  3. Conrad Niven

Unfortunately a combination of weather a few crashes didn’t leave enough time to get the women’s snowboarding off, but they will be first to run tomorrow.

Looking down from the top of the Separate Reality venue for inspection

The skiing around the rest of the resort is still quite fun as well. Gracias Ridge continued to serve up some fun, deep, and, for those willing to look, untracked snow.  Chair line laps weren’t too bumped out and offered some serious leg burners. Temperatures also dropped overnight, leading to some sweet Canadian cold smoke.

Current Revelstoke forecast

Tomorrow will bring a bit of sunshine along with a bit of snow, with more snow to come on Saturday and early next week so stay tuned!

Photo Tour

The avalanche dogs have been out in force and training hard
Sending it into the bottom of the venue
One of the two fat to flat cliffs featured in the Separate Reality venue
Xander spinning his way through the middle of Separate Reality
Rime and sunshine @ Revelstoke Mountain Resort
Taking flight in North Bowl
Separate Reality, in all it’s glory for the first stop in the 4* FWQ
Seeking another soft landing off Gracias Ridge
Taking flight off Gracias Ridge. Photo: Snowledge.co
Day 1 FWQ Results, Page 1
Day 1 FWQ Results, page 2

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