Brain Post: 13 Facts About the Human Brain You Didn’t Know

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This is your brain on computer
This is your brain on a computer

The human brain is the most complex object we’ve discovered in the universe. It’s an incredibly intricate organ with from 100-500 trillion synapses. We all know it’s intricate this and we pretty much leave it at that. But, the details are what are shocking. New research is discovering specifics of the brain that we couldn’t even fathom even 10 years ago.

What’s even more interesting is how much stuff is pre-programmed. Like how men are more attracted to females with dilated pupils without recognizing that the pupils are dilated. That “recognition algorithm” is built into the brain to recognize the pupil size because a sexually stimulated female will have dilated pupils and be more likely to mate.

Real. Human. Brain.
Real. Human. Brain.

Let’s start with the basics because even they are impressive:


    1. 20% = the amount of your daily energy that your brain uses each day, the amount of your daily oxygen it uses, and the amount of blood it uses daily.
    2. 10-23 Watts = how many watts your brain produces when you’re awake (enough to run a light bulb)
    3. You’re born with about the same amount of brain cells as you have as an adult.  Those cells simply grow reaching their maximum size at age 6.
    4. Your most intense emotional memories are prompted by scent.  Scent memories have stronger emotional connections and seem more intense than other memory triggers.
    5. Your brain virtually paralyses you when you sleep so that you don’t act out your dreams.
    6. 100,000 miles = the length of all the blood vessels in the brains put end to end.

      Cross section and nominclature
      Cross section and nomenclature
    7. 100 billion = the number of neurons in your brain
    8. 1,000 – 10,000 = the number of synapses on each neuron in your brain
    9. 3 pounds = weight of your brain and your brain is about 75% water
    10. The brain is the fattiest organ in the body.
    11. 10% = the old saying that you use only 10% of your brain is false.  Every part of your brain is used.
    12. Brain waves are more active when you’re dreaming than when you’re awake.
    13. Babe Ruth was tested by two Columbia psychology students and was determined to be working at 90% efficiency compared to the 60% efficiency measured for most people.
The Babe
The Babe had brains

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20 thoughts on “Brain Post: 13 Facts About the Human Brain You Didn’t Know

  1. Great article. I was aware of the smell-memory connection. This connection actually exists because when you smell something, the electrical signal bypasses the thalamus in your brain, unlike other senses, and directly signals the hypothalamus and amygdila, areas of the brain responsible for memory.

    I actually created a video on brain facts recently at my site Mind Tribe Memory –

  2. Cocaine is actually good for you along with marijuana and alcohol. Cocaine helps arrhythmic endurance reducing the risk of heart attack. Marijuana is good if eaten, not smoked, for brain stimulation ( delta 9 sativa specific) and alcohol, not nasty mikes hard cider or wild feather vanilla vodka but a natural fruit fermented alcohol such as any wine, red preferably, without sulfites and preservatives is good for cholesterol and fatty build up in your vascular system. But the govt. Made more money bootlegging and illegalizing all of these things because we all seem to enjoy one or the other. That means we pay for it. They inevitable get all the profits when drug dealers spend the money they make putting back into white market circulation. Which is taxed! Ha

  3. When I was only in the third grade, a man with his gun shot , close range, shot me in the top part of my brain of the head. I did not survive it, but another man (MO) put in another brain inside of the head of my person. After that, my brain was removed again on several occasions about the 5th grade from a man from Germany.–And he also removed, and replaced my original eye organs to another thing or person’s eye organs. I am 47 years old at this time, an overnight stocker associate at Walmart in Dallas, TX near Dallas Parkway.–On last night at work, I wrote a upside down 2, and a upside down T when I meant to write a number 24. This has happened on other occasions. Do you think this is a sign.?

    1. That depends on if YOUR brain is smart enough to recognize the simplicity. And can see the evolution. Seed, root, sprout, branches, leaves. Think about it.

  4. These are wonderful facts about brain is essentially to be known by us. I’ve heard it brain weighs about 3 pounds.

    Thanks for sharing the great info 🙂

  5. Does this mean if I smoke, drink, do coke and womanize, my brain will have 90% efficiency too?

    1. Don’t smoke. And originally we couldn’t really communicate so womanizing was a daily occurrence. I.e monkey business. Even homosexual actions weren’t really recognized as odd. That mentality was developed over time as we civilized.

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