1/4 of Ski ACL Tears Don’t Need Surgery

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skicrashdoooooodePoor form, 0/10 on the landing.

This is welcome news for skiers: up to a quarter of skiers with ACL tears can skip surgery. Doctors have developed a set of tests that examine a knee 6-12 weeks after the tear. The test sound quite simple (if not painless), all that is involved is physical manipulation of the knee by a doctor.

In around 1/4 of all cases the tear can heal without surgery. This saves the patient both money and time, since the recovery time without surgery is much shorter. ACL tears that occur from skiing are often less traumatic than are seen from other sports. This statistic only applies to skiers suffering their first ACL tear. The biggest benefits come to those over 40 years old; because so much muscle is lost due to surgery, avoiding surgery can have huge benefits.

While skiing is pretty hard on the knees, at least we have this going for us… 

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