17-Year-Old Skier Walks Into Medical Clinic With “Knife-Shaped” Rock Punctured & Embedded in His Helmet

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Helmet with rock puncture and embed. image: paul green

A 17-year-old boy was skiing powder at The Remarkables ski resort in New Zealand last week when he crashed headfirst into some rocks.  One rock punctured his helmet and stayed embedded in his helmet.

He walked into the ski patrol shack with this rock sticking out of his helmet and scared the crap out of the staff there.

It’s believed that this boy likely would have died had he not been wearing a helmet.

Helmet with rock puncture and embed. image: paul green

“Why you should always wear a helmet.
My son took a tumble today at The Remarkables. Fresh powder, lots of off piste stashes, some barely covered pointy rocky things – you get the picture, This was his helmet. There’s still a knife shaped piece of rock embedded in the helmet. You can see the point sticking through on the inside. He’s fine. And will ski again another day. But the medics reckoned this was one of the best adverts for a helmet they have seen. And so I’m posting it here to remind all you guys to wear yours. And if you dont have one, get one. It’s a small price to pay to live to ski another day.” – Paul Green

Remarkables trail map.

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