VIDEO: “The Fine Line” — An Avalanche Film That Every Backcountry User Ought to Watch

Mike Bartholow |

Having shared Backcountry Access’ Avalanche Safety videos this week, I wanted to present a couple of great avalanche films that all backcountry skiers ought to watch. The Fine Line and A Dozen More Turns are two films that should be on your watch list.

The Fine Line is a 2008 Sherpas Cinema film that was inspired by the death of four high school students. This creative and engaging film took a new approach to send an avalanche awareness message to a younger audience.

In the words of the filmmakers:

“We wanted to take a new approach to avalanche awareness, one that would resonate with younger skiers and snowboarders and inspire them to start the lifelong process of learning how to move safely through the mountains. We did this by weaving the message into a hard-hitting, action-packed film that featured some of the top dogs in professional skiing and snowboarding at the time. And we worked with the Canadian Avalanche Foundation and a host of avalanche professionals to ensure that the educational aspect of the film met the industry standard.”

–Sherpas Cinema

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