VIDEO: Winter Equinox | An Feature-Length Look at the 1974 Freestyle Skiing Pro Tour

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This is the trailer for Winter Equinox, a feature-length look at the 1974 Freestyle Skiing Pro Tour. It’s a wide-open look at Freestyle Skiing when the free was still in freestyle, and when a competitor had to excel in moguls, aerials, and ballet. Winter Equinox is a work in progress. We shot it in 1974; edited it in 1976, after which it enjoyed a brief theatrical release; and in 2006 I began to restore it.

One note…when we submitted our first edit to the MPAA they gave it an R rating. I let you guess why. The trailer is family friendly. At this time I have what would be a 45 minute PG version of Winter Equinox and a 66-minute ‘purist’ edit that is more faithful to the original, and therefore, probably R.

Skiing in the 70’s. Credit: Chuck Boone

Our goal is to get financial backing so we may shoot more present-day interviews with the principal skiers in Winter Equinox, but with the perspective of looking back 40 years. In essence, the skiers will narrate the film. Enjoy!

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