1ºF High Temperature Tomorrow on Mt. Shasta, CA at 12,000′

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Mt. Shasta, CA and lenticular clouds.

We were thinking of skiing Mt. Shasta on Tuesday and Wednesday.

So I checked the forecast and saw that Shata is forecast to see a high temperature of 1ºF at 12,000′ on Sunday…

Things don’t warm up much more than that the rest of the week so it looks like we won’t be headed to Shasta since that thing is gonna be a ball of ice.

We’ll likely have to head to Sonora Pass, Tioga Pass, or Carson Pass.

We’ve been up at 12,000′ and 13,000′ all week this week off Tioga Pass, CA and we’ve been skiing in T-shirts and shorts in temps in the 60s…

Pretty impressive that Shata can pull of a high of 1ºF on June 7th!

NOAA forecast showing 1ºF high temp on Mt. Shasta at 12,000′ on Sunday.  image: NOAA

Mt. Shasta Info:

Mount Shasta (KarukÚytaahkoo or “White Mountain”)[5][6] is a potentially active[7] volcano at the southern end of the Cascade Range in Siskiyou County, California. At an elevation of 14,179 feet (4321.8 m), it is the second-highest peak in the Cascades and the fifth-highest in the state. Mount Shasta has an estimated volume of 85 cubic miles (350 km3), which makes it the most voluminous stratovolcano in the Cascade Volcanic Arc.[8][9] The mountain and surrounding area are part of the Shasta–Trinity National Forest.

Mount Shasta is connected to its satellite cone of Shastina, and together they dominate the landscape. Shasta rises abruptly to tower nearly 10,000 feet (3,000 m) above its surroundings.[4] On a clear winter day, the mountain can be seen from the floor of the Central Valley 140 miles (230 km) to the south.[10] The mountain has attracted the attention of poets,[11] authors,[12] and presidents.[13]

The mountain consists of four overlapping dormant volcanic cones that have built a complex shape, including the main summit and the prominent satellite cone of 12,330 ft (3,760 m) Shastina, which has a visibly conical form. If Shastina were a separate mountain, it would rank as the fourth-highest peak of the Cascade Range (after Mount Rainier, Rainier’s Liberty Cap, and Mount Shasta itself).[4]

Mount Shasta’s surface is relatively free of deep glacial erosion except, paradoxically, for its south side where Sargents Ridge[14] runs parallel to the U-shaped Avalanche Gulch. This is the largest glacial valley on the volcano, although it does not now have a glacier in it. There are seven named glaciers on Mount Shasta, with the four largest (WhitneyBolamHotlum, and Wintun) radiating down from high on the main summit cone to below 10,000 ft (3,000 m) primarily on the north and east sides.[4] The Whitney Glacier is the longest, and the Hotlum is the most voluminous glacier in the state of California. Three of the smaller named glaciers occupy cirques near and above 11,000 ft (3,400 m) on the south and southeast sides, including the WatkinsKonwakiton, and Mud Creek glaciers.

Mt. Shasta, CA is big.
Mt. Shasta, CA is big.

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  1. You guys missed the mark a little bit on this one. We skied great wind buffed pow for about 2k and the bottom was sticky!

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