1st Place Video in UVM Ski Club Competiton | This Makes East Coast Skiing Look Solid

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(editor’s note:  this video edit won 1st place at University of Vermont’s Ski & Snowboard Club’s Shr-edit Competition)

words by Tim McClellan, 19-year old University of Vermont freshman form Shelburne, VT

Last fall, I went to the MSP premier with Dylan Dipentima (18, Middlebury, VT, who will be attending UVM next fall), Noah Ranallo (18, Charlotte, VT, a junior at Waldorf High School), and Jose Darias (19, Sudbury, MA, freshman at UVM). We’ve all skied together at Mad River Glen for years, but this was the first time we had been together since the end of last season. As we waited for the movie to start, we discussed the upcoming winter, and ways we could showcase our skiing to a larger audience.

UVM style
UVM style

I suggested a web series, and the idea gained traction with the group. A few months later, after the first big storm of the year, we started filming. Throughout the winter, almost all of our shots came from Mad River Glen and the side-country surrounding it.

By combining our collective knowledge about the area with an eagerness to explore new zones, we were able to consistently find and ski lines that other people weren’t.

UVM deep
UVM deep

Over the course of the winter, we released 3 edits under the Send It East title. The edit that I submitted to UVM SSC’s Homegrown Festival is a combination of my favorite shots from all 3 of these edits. It includes skiing primarily from Dylan and Noah. We had a blast making this, and I hope everyone enjoys watching it.

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3 thoughts on “1st Place Video in UVM Ski Club Competiton | This Makes East Coast Skiing Look Solid

  1. Awesome guys. As an Ontarioian (WTF??) that drives 8 hrs each way every 3 weeks to ski in VT, this is really friggin’ inspiring!

  2. Finally some East Coast love on SB. Is this the first East Coast post? I think so. We had a good year out here. Thanks for the love.

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