2 Avalanches Close Highway 92 in Pennsylvania Today After 30+ Inches of New Snow | Travel Ban Issued

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“An avalanche (yes, you read that correctly) currently has SR 92 south completely closed just south of Dunkin Donuts. Please stay off the roads” – Tunkhannock Township Police, today

A travel ban is in place today in Wyoming County, PA after 2 avalanches came across State Route 92, reports Tunkhannock Township Police.

At about noon today, police reported that highway 92 was “completely closed” after an avalanche came down on the road.

At about 3pm today, police reported that a second avalanche had come down on highway 92 near the 307 junction.

30″ of snow have fallen in the Tunkhannock area today and yesterday.

snowfall totals in Pennsylvania. image: NOAA, today
“This is a regular height road sign. Sorry we don’t have more photos, it has been a very busy day” – Tunkhannock Township Police

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