2 Brown Bear Attacks In 1 Day Injure 2 Men in Alaska

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“Fredrick said he sustained major lacerations to his neck and lost part of his bicep muscle in the attack. A doctor told him the neck wound was so close to his carotid artery that it was visible from the wound itself, he said. He also had to get stitches on his eyebrow and nose.” – AlaskaDispatchNews.com

Two separate brown bear attacks leave two men injured in Alaska on Saturday, June 24th, 2017. 

This follows two deadly black bear attacks within two days last week.

Alaska Department of Fish and Game reports that the latest attacks appear to be defensive rather than predatory. Last weeks attacks appear to have been predatory.

The First Attack:

According to Alaska State troopers and YourAlaskaLink.com, a 45 year old man was attacked on Palmer Creek Road in Hope Alaska on Saturday night at 11:40pm. The man came across a brown bear and cub while walking across the road to collect fire wood. The bear was reportedly 30 yards away when it charged the man and caused him to run and try to climb a tree. The bear swatted the man out of the tree, injuring him.

Troopers say the Bears took off and did not return. The injured man made it to the hospital under his own power.

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The Second Attack:

According to Alaska Fish and Game and AlaskaOutdoordigest.com, two cyclists were attacked by a brown bear with cubs at Elmendorf-Richardson Military Base in Ancorage Alaska on Saturday.  James Frederick and Alex Ippoliti were cycling near Clunie Lake and were prepared with a bear bell and bear spray after hearing of the two attacks in the previous week. The cyclists report that they did not see the bear until it charged. They used bear spray but one cyclist “was knocked down and roughed up”, according to Fish and Game. “Alex straight up saved my life,”Frederick said. “Id be dead without Alex”

As of Monday the injured man was in the hospital and expected to make a full recovery.

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