2 Critically Injured After Chairlift Falls at Crystal Mountain Ski Resort, B.C.

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Two people have been critically injured and two received minor injures after an empty chair hit a ski lift tower at Crystal Mountain ski resort nearl Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada on Saturday around 11am.  The empty chair that hit the tower causing the cable to derail.  All the chairs in the area of that derailed tower instantly fell about 20 feet to the ground.

‘The chair was swinging and hit the tower and that was it’– General Manager Mike Morin told the CBC

The two injured men were in the hospital in critical condition on Saturday. 

crystal mountain
Crystal Mountain ski lift on the ground Saturday

15 skiers and riders were evacuated from the chairlift after the accident occurred.  None of these people were injured in the event.

“The only injuries were at the first tower, and my understanding is broken ribs, but I don’t know more than that.” – Mike Morin said.

The 4 injured people were male and female and between 18 and 35 years old.  Three of them were resort employees and one was a guest.  Of the employees, two were ski patrollers, one was a ski instructor.



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