2 Deaths Reported In 2 Days At Rocky Mountain National Park

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Mount Lady Washington and Chasm Lake, Image: 13ergirl.com

In the last two days Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado has reported two deaths.

The first death reported remains a mystery until County Coroner’s can identify cause of death from a body found after an abandoned car was reported.

The second death, was an unfortunate accident witnessed by hikers who tried to help the 73-year-old off duty Park’s volunteer who fell while hiking Mount Lady Washington.   

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, News Release:

August 23, 2017,

Fatality Above Chasm Lake In Rocky Mountain National Park

“This morning, August 23, park rangers were notified via cell phone that a 73 year old male had taken a tumbling fall while descending Mount Lady Washington in Rocky Mountain National Park above Chasm Lake. Bystanders who witnessed the fall aided the man by performing Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). Rangers were nearby in the Chasm Shelter area and reached the man in 15 minutes. Rangers also performed CPR. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

The man has been identified as Ken Teselle of Estes Park. Ken was a park volunteer and was off duty when the incident occurred. Because of the location and poor weather conditions, recovery efforts will begin tomorrow. Rangers will stay in the area tonight.”

Image: Cloud Hiking Mountains

Deceased Woman Found Near North Inlet Trailhead In Rocky Mountain National Park 

“Yesterday morning, August 22, park rangers located a vehicle at the North Inlet Trailhead parking area that was connected to an advisory regarding a welfare check. The woman’s body was found near Tonahutu Creek close to the trailhead.

The woman has been identified as Teresa Sajsa, 59, of Englewood, Colorado. The cause of death will be determined by Grand County Coroner’s office. No further information will be released at this time.”


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