Two Film Reviews of the McConkey Movie | One Biased & One Unbiased…

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The McConkey movie premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in Manhattan on Sunday.  The reviews are looking good.  Here are two reviews for ya.  One from Ingrid Backstrom (possibly a bit biased), one from the Hollywood Reporter (should be unbiased):

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Ingrid Backstrom McConkey Review:

“It’s also an action film, with breathtakingly gorgeous ski shots, nail-biting B.A.S.E. jumping, like a P.O.V. of Frank Gambalie edging out on top of a gargoyle on the Chrysler building, and behind-the-scenes shots of Shane’s first ski-B.A.S.E. jump.

In the midst of the humor and action, romance develops between Shane and his wife Sherry, a love story of husband and wife and parents and children.” – Ingrid Backstrom

Read Ingrid’s full review here:  Ingrid Backstrom McConkey Review

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 McConkey Movie Trailer here:  McConkey Movie Trailer

Naked is fun
Shane’s biggest legacy might have been making naked skiing cool.

Hollywood Reporter McConkey Review:

“Around this point, the film can rely less on McConkey’s habit of videotaping his daily life and antics on the slope. Self-shot footage gives the filmmakers colorful evidence of his sense of humor and slacker-with-an-adrenaline-addiction ethos, but their most exciting performance footage comes from the many self-taught filmmakers who featured him in movies with titles like Alpine Rapture, Steep, and Ultimate Rush.

Some of those men share directing credit here, weaving their old footage together with interviews in which roommates, family and McConkey’s wife Sherry offer a unified portrait of a man who didn’t have an “off” switch. The film foreshadows McConkey’s death from the start, returning frequently to scenes of him scouting locations on Italy’s Dolomite Mountains. But death only starts to overshadow the interviews as speakers recall McConkey’s discovery of BASE jumping, the illegal sport in which parachuters leap off buildings, bridges and the like.” – Hollywood Reporter

Read the Hollywood Reporter’s full review here:  Hollywood Reporter McConkey Review

There is no doubt in any skier’s mind that this will be the ski movie of the year.  What do you really know about Shane?  Just in reading these reviews we learned a lot about Shane.  That knowledge will clearly be taken to the next level through watching the movie.  We already want to sell everything, walk out of the office right now, and go on a ridiculous trip that we know would scare us.

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