20-Seconds of Big Boy Pillows with Eric Pollard

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This video gives us a good glimpse of what it’s like to ski big boy pillows.  Eric Pollard drops in and, as always, makes it look easy.

Eric broke his leg last year in Russia on his 4th day of the season.  Despite that, he got a pretty fun edit out of those 4 days.

eric pollard
eric pollard


Eric Pollard is an American snow freeskier and film editor from Welches, Oregon and currently resides in the Hood River region of Oregon. He has been a professional skier for Line Skis for over 15 years and also designs skis for Line Skis. He has had his own line of clothing at Causwell and K2 which never reached the market due to failures by the brands attempting to manufacture the goods.


Eric Pollard began skiing professionally at the age of fifteen. He learned on Mt. Hood, where snowboarders far outnumber skiers and as a result developed a unique style more closely resembling snowboarders. Because of this he developed the first fully symmetrical ski—equal height tip and tail, with a symmetrical flex.[1] Pollard mostly works with filming and skiing backcountry rather than competitions.

Nimbus Independent Films

In 2007 Eric created Nimbus Independent with Pep Fujas, Andy Mahre and Chris Benchetler. Nimbus was the first company to produce webisodes, short episodes posted to the web. Eric’s goal in creating the company was to show skiing as it is, with all the ups and downs. The company produces short films several times a year showing highlights of its creators seasons.[2]

Personal life

Eric initially intended to go to art school and become a graphic designer, but ended up skiing with his family and loved it.[3] He designs skis for Line Skis, and also had his own line of clothing there as well as with Causwell.[4]

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