20-Seconds of Eric Pollard Ripping & Flipping

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Eric Pollard is best known for unique, tricky moves in backcountry powder.  This quick clip shows that the guy can throw down on Alaska style lines and still bring his trick-heavy style along with him.

This line is filmed well from a heli following him down.  Could you imagine the pressure?  Hearing nothing but the steady, rapid beat of the helicopter blades just above your head?  That’s a lot of money being spent just to get the shot of this one line.  Better nail it, right?

Not to worry.  Eric is a true pro and he nails the line and sticks the trick.  Looks like some very playful terrain that many of us in here would enjoy taking a crack at.

Heli skiing is the ultimate in freeriding.  If only we could all get a few weeks of heli time each year…

eric pollard
eric pollard

This footage is from Level 1’s “Sunny” ski movie.


Eric Pollard began skiing professionally at the age of fifteen. He learned on Mt. Hood, where snowboarders far outnumber skiers and as a result developed a unique style more closely resembling snowboarders. Because of this he developed the first fully symmetrical ski–equal height tip and tail, with a symmetrical flex.[1] Pollard mostly works with filming and skiing backcountry rather than competitions.Wikipedia




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