2013 Las Leñas Video | The Boys Have Been Getting After It

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“Finally we arrived in Las Leñas, Marte chairlift opened, the chair brings you to paradise. A new winter starts, and we have three months to enjoy and exploit, in one of the best locations in the world. There is a recap of images, so you can see what might be a “summer” in Las Leñas. This is just the first of a serial of videos.” – Adria Millan

We’ve gotten reports that conditions aren’t that great right now in Las Leñas, but it looks like the place definitely had some good snow at some point earlier in the 2013 season.  This video should make you jealous and is designed to do so.  The boys had some big fun in some big terrain already and it’s not even August.

The forecast isn’t pretty in most of South America right now.  Las Leñas is no exception:

las lenas
Las Leñas forecast

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3 thoughts on “2013 Las Leñas Video | The Boys Have Been Getting After It

    1. Really getting after it?

      Whilst and skiing two at a time in avalanche terrain and triggering an avalanche in the closing shot involving two people.

      More like Dumbass than Badass.

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