NOAA Winter Weather Forecast VIDEO for USA – 2013/14

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This is a big first.  NOAA’s Reno, Nevada branch just created a video to discuss all things winter 2013/14.

This video first covers Summer 2013 with it’s thunderstorm warnings and flash flood warnings.

The video goes on to discuss this season’s El Niño/La Niña situation and it looks like we’ll be seeing neither…La Nada.

La Nada, in the past, has generally added up to near to above average precipitation in the Sierra Nevada of CA and NV.

Temperatures in this video forecast for the December, January, February shows above average temps for most of the USA.  For precipitation in December, January, February the video shows near average precipitation for most of the USA.

NOAA’s confidence in their temperature and precipitation forecast is low to medium.  

The end the video by saying this, which essentially cancels out everything they’ve forecasted:

“It’s probably safe to safe that you should be ready for anything this winter weather-wise.” – NOAA

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