2016/17 Winter Outlook in Europe | by Accuweather

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Europe winter long-term forecast
Europe winter long-term forecast. PC: Accuweather

Accuweather.com‘s Winter Outlook 2016/17 in Europe:

Forecast Looks Decent For:

  • European Alps
  • Pyrenees

European Alps:

Almost all of the skiing in western Europe is in the Alps here, so pay close attention.

“From late January through February, the primary storm track will shift southward guiding frequent storm systems into France. The risk for flooding will extend from northern Spain through southern France and into the Alps.”

“Prior to the late-season storms, winter will be mild with above-normal temperatures predicted during December and much of January with below-normal snowfall in the mountains.”

“While the lower elevations of the Alps will experience rainfall as mild air dominates, higher elevations and ski resorts can expect significant late-season snow that will likely result in an extended season.”

– Accuweather, Oct. 5th

Accuweather predicts above normal precipitation for the entire Alps range, extending from France to Austria and South to Italy. This is good news for snow cover at altitude, and glaciers, which benefit from the thick late season dumps. However, the majority of resorts in the Alps are not at the elevation of the world class areas like Chamonix and Zermatt. If the winter plays out anything like it did last year, with fair precipitation but very mild temperatures, these resorts are sure to struggle.

The Village of Chamonix, France.
The Village of Chamonix, France.

France, Germany, Belgium:

“A storm track that will shift north and south across western Europe will lead to numerous impacts across France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany this winter.”

“Overall, the winter is expected to yield above-normal temperatures as Atlantic air dominates much of the season, preventing cold air over northern Scandinavia from rushing southward.”

– Accuweather, Oct. 5th.

British Isles:

“The most active period of weather will be during the official winter months from December through February. Above normal rainfall across the U.K. and Ireland will result in another winter of flooding problems” – Accuweather, Oct. 5th.

Iberian Peninsula and the Balkans:  

“Following a hot, dry summer, which featured significant wildfires, little or no drought relief will occur across most of the Iberian Peninsula.” – Accuweather, Oct. 5th

Eastern Europe:

“Late – season cold fronts will usher in much cooler air following a very mild first half of the season.” – Accuweather, Oct. 5th

Hiking in the Dinaric Alps
Hiking in the Dinaric Alps. PC: Endritstrail

That’s the story folks.  There are a few mountains in the U.K., and a fair bit of backcountry action in Eastern Europe (Dinaric Alps) if you’re willing to get after it. I’d like to get some more dirt on Scandinavia, as they’ve got quite a bit of good skiing there, but this forecast lumps them into “wind threats” with no further elaboration. Lets stay optimistic and hope these places get good snow as well.

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