The 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season Is Officially Over | The 5th Most Active Season On Record

Chris Wallner | | WeatherWeather
Year-End Summary. Image: NOAA

On Thursday, November 30th, 2017, the Atlantic Hurricane Season officially came to end. It was a bad one, considering there were 17 named storms, 10 official hurricanes, and 6 of those were considered “Major Hurricanes.” It will go down in history as the 5th most active season on record, as it’s tied with 1936. It was also the costliest season on record, with $367+ Billion in damages.

Irma was the worst hurricane of the season. Image: NOAA

2017 Hurricane Season Facts:

  • 5th Most Active Season On Record, Tied With 1936
  • 438 People Lost Their Lives
  • 17 Storms, 10 Hurricanes, & 6 Major Hurricanes
  • Costliest Season On Record: $367+ Billion In Damages
  • Highest Sustained Wind: 185 mph, Hurricane Irma. 
  • Most Intense / Lowest Pressure: 908 mb, Hurricane Maria
  • Most Rainfall: 60.58″, Hurricane Harvey. Wettest Storm on Record in the United States. 
  • 10 Hurricanes In-A-Row: All ten of the season’s hurricanes occurred in a row, the greatest number of consecutive hurricanes in the satellite era.
Tropical Cyclone Names. Image: NOAA

**Information From: NOAAUS Severe Weather Network**

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