Birdman’s Blood Board: Tony Hawk Releases Skateboard Made With His Blood

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Tony Hawk is arguably the world’s most famous skateboarder. In his latest move, Hawk has collaborated with canned water company Liquid Death to release a limited run of skateboards made with his own blood.

Only 100 of the blood boards were made, costing $500 each, but they sold out within minutes of dropping. The blood-red board features an intense graphic of the ripped “Birdman” himself, a Liquid Death Can as his head, and the company’s phrase “Murder Your Thirst.”

Blood Collabs
Lil Nas X and Tony Hawk are paving the way for hype blood collaborations! Image: Twitter

As controversial as the collaboration may seem, ten percent of all profits from the board are going to non-profit organizations. Liquid Death has pledged to work with 5 Gyres and The Skatepark Project to help remove plastics from the ocean and build skateparks in underserved communities.

The Liquid Death x Tony Hawk skateboard collaboration comes just months after rapper Lil Nas X released shoes made with his own bloodThe rapper released 666 pairs of them and was hit with a large wave of public backlash on social media. Even though Tony Hawk’s blood board and Lil Nas X’s blood shoes are very different, they are much in the same. Hawk should definitely be prepared to see outcry on social media and news sites, even if Liquid Death claims that the blood paint is thoroughly sanitized before it is applied.

“Wait, if you have my blood, that means you have my DNA. No clones!” – Tony Hawk

soul selling hawk
“I am Tony Hawk and I hereby verify that I have given my blood (soul?) to Liquid Death.” Image: Twitter

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