The 21 Best College Towns in the USA

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Burlington, Vermont = #1

We love this list because it the number 1 college town in America is a ski town.  In fact, number 6 Boulder, number 10 Flagstaff, and number 18 Bozeman are great ski towns as well.  The rest of the list is suspiciously Virginia-centric.  In fact, they don’t hit some of the best college towns on Earth like Santa Barbara, Chico, Tallahassee, & Madison.

Regardless, it’s always fun to see how your college town adds up to all the others.  Travel and Leisure made this list and they have solid info on each town in the links below.  Which college towns are missing from the list below in your eyes?

Bozeman, MT rocks.


#1 Burlington, VT

#2 Charlottesville, VA

#3 San Luis Obispo, CA

#4 Williamsburg, VA

#5 Harrisonburg, VA

#6 Boulder, CO

#7 St. Augustine, FL

#8 Asheville, NC

#9 Fredericksburg, VA

#10 Flagstaff, AZ

#11 Morgantown, WV

#12 Saratoga Springs, NY

#13 Ithaca, NY

#14 Lexington, VA

#15 Annapolis, MD

#16 Fayetteville, AR

#17 Lafayette, LA

#18 Bozeman, MT

#19 Chapel Hill, NC

#20 Duluth, MN


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5 thoughts on “The 21 Best College Towns in the USA

  1. Seeing my old N. Hedges dorm room and the Hyalites in the background bring back some good memories…made my morning. Thanks for posting the pic.

  2. Yeah that makes sense. Harrisonburg, VA. Home to JMU and Rockingham County…home of….chicken production? Place is ugly as sin. Fredericksburg, VA…Only real college there is Mary Washington and that place is about as fun as spending a weekend with the chess club. List should be burned.

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