22 People and 3 Dogs Stranded on Snowy Colorado Mountain Pass Saved After 16-Hour Rescue Mission

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Last week’s snowstorm dumped many feet and inches of snow and ice across the mountains and roadways of Colorado, resulting in several motorists getting stranded on U.S. 285 between Kenosha Pass and Fairplay.

The Park County Sheriff’s Office and Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office came to the rescue of 22 stranded motorists, and three pet dogs, who were stranded for several hours on U.S. 285 on Saturday evening. Using JeffCo’s sno-cat, the rescue mission took 16-hours.

All 22 people, the youngest being 6-years old, and three dogs were dropped off safely and uninjured with the Fairplay Fire Department near Red Hill Pass, a 2-hour round trip for each group.

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US-285 Kenosha Pass, CO

Over 700 people were stranded in nearby mountain town Fairplay over the weekend after strong winds created areas of blowing snow and low visibility, resulting in nearly impossible travel conditions. Conditions were so severe, CDOT closed several major routes across the state including U.S. 285 at Kenosha Pass, U.S. 40 at Rabbit Ears Pass, I-70 along Vail Pass, Loveland Pass, and Highway 40 from mile marker 214 to 226, reported the Denver Post.

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