3 Backcountry Skiers Trigger An Avalanche On Mt Arethusa, Alberta, Canada

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Stabilizing the victim. Image: Kananaskis Country Public Safety Section

On Saturday, Kananaskis Country Public Safety Section responded to the report of an avalanche. Three backcountry skiers triggered a Size 2 avalanche on Mt Arethusa, Alberta, Canada. One of the skiers escaped the avalanche, another was partially buried, and the other was fully buried by the slide. Thankfully, the victims were rescued and they all survived the scary ordeal.

The Red Pin marks the location of the avalanche. Image: Google Maps

KCPS Press Release:

Yesterday KCPS responded to a “SPOT” activation for an avalanche accident in the Arethusa Cirque area in Highwood pass. A group of three ski tourers triggered a a Sz 2 avalanche while bootpacking up a gully on the S aspect of Mt Arethusa. One skier managed to avoid the avalanche by running to the side, one was caught and partially buried and a third was fully buried. The fully buried skier was quickly extricated by members of the party and stabilized as best as they could before public safety staff were able to get to the scene. The patient was then packaged, and transported down the slope to Alpine Helicopters and then flown down to EMS at staging. The Patient was later transported to Calgary with STARS. All skiers were wearing beacon shovels and probes.

Locations of persons following the slide. Lowest X was the full burial. Image: Kananaskis Country Public Safety Section
Transporting patient out to the frontcountry. Image: Kananaskis Country Public Safety Section

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