3 Guys Getting Shot in the Face… in Japan

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Japan.  The terrain isn’t always scary, cliffy, nor insane, but the snow is.  The snow is certainly insane.  It can be hard to capture.  It can be hard to explain.  It’s not hard to ski…

You drop in, there are no tracks, it’s waist deep; you  flow.  You start with flow.  After a hint of speed, flow quickly becomes float.  Float leads to higher speed and a feeling of weightlessness.  Eventually, you’ll need to dump speed.  Turn.  Turning becomes sinking.  Sinking leads to delving.  Delving into 3 feet of blower Japanese powder will get you shot squarely in the face.

Getting shot in the face in Japan.
Getting shot in the face in Japan.

Every turn results in a vicious face-shot.  Face-shot after face shot.  Japan is the only place I’ve ever been where I’ll actually turn my head to avoid face-shots.  I’ll try not delving too deep to avoid face-shots.  There is such an overabundance of face-shots that your face begins to hurt and regularly goes numb…

Yes, there are better things to complain about.

Enjoy this video from the Aussie boys getting shot in the face in japan.

Hakuba, Japan.  photo:  snowbrains.com
Hakuba, Japan. photo: snowbrains.com


SnowBrains Japan

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5 thoughts on “3 Guys Getting Shot in the Face… in Japan

  1. When is the best time to go there and about how much $$$ does a 5 ski day trip cost (flight,everything)

    1. Best time: mid January.

      Flight is about $900ish from SFO, roundtrip.

      tix: about $40ish/day

      hostel: about $45ish/day

      5 days is a short trip, but just getting out to Japan will be great. lemme know if you’ve any other questions. I’m gonna write a how to Japan post soon. thanks.

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