3 Photos of Squaw Valley, CA Looking Raw, Gorgeous, & Snowy Today

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The Legendary Palisades of Squaw Valley, CA at dawn today. image: snowbrains

Lake Tahoe saw it’s 1st real snow of the 2019/20 season yesterday.

Today, Squaw Valley woke up to some stunning scenes.

We love the above image of the Palisades.

We’ve never seen them look so absolutely raw.

KT-22 at dawn today. image: squaw

2018/19 was a banger season at Squaw and we’ve got our fingers crossed for another great season in 2019/20.

Lake Tahoe saw it’s 1st official snowfall of the year on September 10th last week on the Mt. Rose Highway.

High Camp at Squaw at Dawn today. image: squaw

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