All 4 Americans Qualify for Men’s Ski Slopestlye Finals:

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All 4 American skier slopestyle athletes have qualified for the the ski slopestyle finals that will be shown on US television tonight.  It’s gonna be a good show.

Our 4 guys are Joss Christensen, Nick Goepper (from Indiana), Gus Kenworthy, and Bobby Brown.  Joss crushed it and qualified 1st while Bobby barely made the cut in 12th place, the last place taken to the finals.

Once the finals begin, these scores are wiped clean.  Each athlete will have 2 runs in the finals and they’ll keep their best score and drop their last score.

Congrats to all the athletes who made it to the qualifiers and especially the guys that made it to the finals.  Lets go USA.

finals for slopestyle skiers
These guys qualified for the skier slopestyle finals.
These guys didn't make it.
These guys didn’t make it.
These guys didn't make it either.
These guys didn’t make it either.


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