40-Feet of Snow Fell in 5-Days in Lebanon in 2012

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Massive snow in Lebanon. Obermeyer FB page

Lebanon got forty FEET of snow in five days in February 2012. 


More than 90% of US ski resorts get in a whole season.

That officially qualifies as a lot of snow in a short period.

Lebanon comes from the Semitic word ‘lbn’ that means white and is thought to reference Mount Lebanon’s snows.  So, Lebanon means “snow.”

“Upon his arrival to Lebanon around 47 BC, JuliusCaesar proclaimed “Lub” “Na’an”, meaning “White-Land” in Semitic.” – wikipedia


“The storm caused heavy snow in a number of mountainous regions, with snow falling at altitudes as low as 600 meters and temperatures plunging to as low as five degree centigrade along the coast.

Several people were snowed in their buildings and cars, especially along the Zahleh-Dhour al-Choueir-Tarshish road.

The 100-kilometer winds that accompanied the storm also uprooted trees in several areas and damaged crops throughout the country, reported al-Mustaqbal daily on Sunday.

The heavy snow also forced the ski resorts of Farayya to close because of the inaccessibility of roads leading to these areas.” – naharnet.com

Lebanon, snowdrifts,
Snowdrifts in Lebanon. Credit: Joseph Eid / AFP

Yep, it snows in Lebanon.  10,000+ peaks just off the Mediterranean Sea with a Mediterranean climate (cool, rainy/snowy winters and dry summers)similar to California.

This combination traps big snow in Lebanon’s giant mountains.

Heavy snow in Lebanon. Credit: Pinterest

Lebanon is a magical place.  

Think surf and ski and party all night on the same day.  

Time for a ski trip to Lebanon!

Lebanon flag


  • Between latitudes 33 N and 35 N (think San Diego, CA to San Luis Obispo, CA)
  • Six ski resorts
  • The white band in their flag symbolizes the eternal snows that exist on their high mountains
  • The name Lebanon essentially means “snow” (see opening paragraph)
Lebanon from space with snowy mountains we are talking about in the Northwest

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