The 5 Most Affordable Ski & Snowboard Destinations:

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Salt Lake City, UT
Salt Lake City, UT

In the ski and snowboard industry there are lots of demographics that dominate the industry in one way or the other. Skiing and riding are becoming more affordable, more comfortable due to technology developments, and overall more accessible to all people.

Skiing and riding are still a large expense. For many of us like myself, this expense is justified due to the love, passion, and feeling we get from being in the mountains. Shane McConkey said it best, “there is nothing better than sliding down snow flying through the air,” and I couldn’t agree more. The sacrifice we make to be dedicated to our passion is without a doubt worth it.

Bend, OR.
Bend, OR.

With that being said, the less expense we have to sacrifice the better.  Mountain Weekly recently posted an article on the 5 most affordable ski and snowboard destination spots in the lower 48.

I have personally skied 4 and out the 5 spots and grew up skiing number 5 and can say with all honestly from my experience this article is spot on. Not only are these affordable spots, but many of them (except maybe Salt Lake City) are a bit off the beaten trail as far as ski destinations, and many people find that appealing.

Some of these spots rank high in quality of skiing:  Mt. Baker, Washington gets some of the biggest snow totals in the world and Taos offers some of the steepest in bounds terrain in the lower 48.  You will get plenty of bang or in this case pow and vertical for your buck.

Taos, New Mexico.  photo:  ryan heffernan
Taos, New Mexico. photo: ryan heffernan

5 Most Affordable Ski And Snowboard Destinations


1. Your Own Backyard

2. Mt. Baker

3. Salt Lake City

Mt. Baker sidecountry.  photo:  re wikstrom
Mt. Baker sidecountry. photo: re wikstrom

4. Bend, Oregon

5. Taos, New Mexico


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