5 Classes to Refresh Your Winter Skills

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guide client rope instruction
Practicing tying anchors in Chamonix, photo courtesy of Colorado Mountain School

Feeling rusty getting your ski legs back? Maybe now is the perfect time to brush up on some winter skills and refine your backcountry knowledge. It can be hard to maintain your expedition acumen during the off season, so here are a few classes and seminars around Colorado this season that can help refresh you on some important topics in outdoor adventure.

1. AIARE Avalanche Rescue

There are many companies who offer AIARE certified classes. This season AIARE has a new one day field course called Avalanche Rescue, which is a great way to refresh and practice beacon search and rescue skills. Whether you’ve had prior avy training or not, it’s always a good idea to get out in the snow and make sure you remember how to conduct an efficient rescue.

Avy 1 course
CAIC zone report, Vail/Summit county 12/21/2017, report courtesy of Nolan Van Harte

2. Winter Camping

Most people think of camping as a 3-season activity, but with the right gear and know-how, winter camping can open a lot of doors! REI has a great (free) informative class on Winter Camping Basics to help you get prepared for overnighting in colder weather.

snow camping
Building wind shelters on the Cordon Soler, Chile

3. Ski Mountaineering

Pushing your limits in the backcountry can be very rewarding if you set yourself up for success. Colorado Mountain School offers a variety of Ski Mountaineering courses, from introductory skinning/splitboarding classes to more advanced ski mountaineering techniques.

backcountry skiing
Short roping from a landing zone with Ice Axe Expeditions Antarctica 2017, photo courtesy of Sun Valley Trekking

4. Ski Tuning

Maintaining your gear is important for its longevity, and a good wax/tune will help you shred harder on the slopes! If you ski or ride more than 10 times a year, being able to tune your own equipment can really help your performance. REI offers a Ski and Snowboard Tuning Basics course for beginners and anyone looking to hone their tuning skills.

ski repair clinic
Snowboard tuning bench, photo courtesy of REI

5. Outdoor and Action Photography

Photos are such an integral part of sharing experiences. Whether you use a smartphone or a nice DSLR camera, knowing some photography basics can make a big difference in the quality of your pictures. Colorado Photography School offers a variety of courses; from configuring your camera and framing the perfect shot to professionally editing your photos, a little bit of knowledge goes a long way!

learn outdoor photography
Photographing the sunset over the sand dunes in Colorado, photo courtesy of Connor McKeen

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