5 Family-Friendly Activities at Sun Valley Resort, Idaho

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Idaho’s Sun Valley Resort ensures the smile in family ski holidays. Photo, Courtesy of Sun Valley Resort

Well established as a destination rooted in excellence across a full range of family-friendly, year-round recreation, Sun Valley Resort at Idaho’s Wood River has built its tradition upon luxury that is all-ages accessible.

To ensure your next family adventure is an unforgettable experience, here are five quintessential Sun Valley activities that the whole family will enjoy!


Imprints of a lifetime at Sun Valley. Photo, Courtesy of Sun Valley Resort

This is a family highlight of the winter season unveiling marvelous terrain of the Wood River Valley and Sun Valley Resort..as well as witnessed under the area’s iconic bright, blue skies.

Guides call Sun Valley snowshoe trekking, “one of the fastest growing winter sports.”

“Snow transforms the landscape into a playground of possibilities,” according to provider SV Trek. And with such a wide variety of topography, the region’s trekking options offer the perfect range of distances and degrees of difficulty while surrounded by classic Sun Valley Resort beauty.

Sun Valley Trekking organizes guided, Full or Half Day Tour options that include equipment rental, additional guides for larger groups, avalanche instruction, nordic or alpine ski options, hut rental packages and even a Boulder Dinner Tour.

Wood River Trail options await to suit the whole family. Photo, Courtesy of Sun Valley Resort

Sun Valley snowshoeing places the guest within pristine winter wonderlands, safe proximity to local wildlife, and atop scenic overlooks that create outdoor memories to last a lifetime.

From seasoned snowshoer to novice all are invited to join the fun this season!  

Sleigh Rides

Sun Valley Resort sleigh rides mean magic for the whole family. Photo, Courtesy of Sun Valley Resort

It is hard to conceive of a more congenial setting than a sleigh ride amongst soft hills under falling snow.

At Sun Valley Resort, horse-drawn circuits lasting around an hour carry you to unforgettable locations such as the historic Trail Creek Cabin, and the Ernest Hemingway Memorial, then finishing at the Sun Valley Nordic Center.

The sleigh circuit to Trail Creek Cabin, in particular, is a historic as well as traditional family favorite among Sun Valley Resort winter excursions. And, to make the trip an even more memorable occasion, reserve the family a charming dinner seating to be enjoyed mid-journey.  Whether booked to be open floor or private, the fame of Sun Valley Resort cuisine in this delightful setting is available Wednesdays through Sundays as well as nightly over President’s Week and Christmas holidays.

Said one recent diner about Trail Creek Cabin, “This unique restaurant is in the middle of an amazing type of nowhere. Without a doubt, you’ve got to go!”

Should the moment call for emphasis upon relaxation amidst amazing scenery, then look to for Sun Valley Resort’s famous round-trip routes bookable Fridays and Saturday—with added availability throughout peak periods. These may be booked privately, creating a priceless family memory.

Scenic rides typically span 30 minutes, and blankets are provided, but outwear should be worn to ensure warmth.

Dinner at Trail Creek Cabin is an all-ages treat. Photo, Courtesy of Sun Valley Resort

This horse-drawn winter thrill has grown to be a seasonal staple of Sun Valley Resort. And due to that avid following, the sleigh rides to dinner at Trail Creek Cabin, specifically, require reservations.

Secure the date. Dress warmly. And enjoy!

Snowsports School

Snowsports School Instructors have taught the whole country to fall in love with sliding on snow. Photo, Courtesy of Sun Valley Resort

To ski is to grow an experience that all generations may share; get the family together, on Sun Valley snow, and that’s a day uniquely yours, forever.

As one of the premier (and first) snow destinations in the United States, Sun Valley Resort Snowsports School instructors teach today’s families the joy of sliding downhill with the same care and professional flair that won the hearts of a nation and brought to life resort skiing in North America.

At home on cozy, fun-loving Dollar Mountain the Sun Valley Resort Snowsports School team are eager to carry on a tradition of recreation education by gifting the magic of skiing to you and your loved ones.

“Our 6-year-old daughter attended the all-day ski school,” said Denise, from Leesburg, Virginia. “She enjoyed it so much she ended up attending ski school four out of the seven days we were at Sun Valley Resort.”

Lessons are tailored to meet any group or individual interest by suiting public or private clinics, one-on-one skill-building, adaptive programming, and specialized projects. The most effective instructor is first a trusted friend and Sun Valley Resort strives to provide just that to skiers and riders of all abilities, ages, or aims.

The ski tradition at Sun Valley Resort begins from an early age. Photo, Courtesy Sun Valley Resort

Sun Valley Resort heritage was built by getting people hooked on skiing. Add the family to that tradition and you’ll discover a patient, engaging environment that imparts new skills from expert guides resulting in a subsequent warmth of accomplishment that will draw your loved ones together, and back to Sun Valley Resort.

At the end of the day, Sun Valley legend is about the free-spirited ‘Push’; that which acknowledges skill but more honors the openness to try.


Sun Valley Resort Lodge features a Bowling Alley and Game Room ideal for all-ages events. Photo, Courtesy of Sun Valley Resort

There’s just something about bowling. It is a timeless activity for putting a smile upon your face, and perfectly suited to iconic Sun Valley Resort style.

Taking a cue from White House design, the Sun Valley Lodge Bowling Alley and Game Room preserves a 1950’s swank that all generations love. In fact, its six lanes are among the oldest rolling in the Pacific Northwest.

Whether enjoying a richly-deserved respite, or putting the cap on an epic POW day the Lodge Bowling Alley and Game Room are conveniently located, and have received renovation as well.

Its six lanes span regulation length and are backed by a selection of arcade gaming and full- service menu.

“If you need a place to take the kids for a run-around, then this is the place for you,” said a former dishwasher at Sun Valley Lodge. “It’s also the perfect place for nannies or babysitters to keep the day fun.”

Upgrades to the Sun Valley Lodge have put a fresh face on classic bowling for the whole family, as well as created the Wood River’s latest underground hot spot. Naturally, the space garners high draw for special event hire, and the locals love lettin’ loose while knockin’ down a few pins.

Grab the kiddos, and go bowling!

Hot Springs

A post-ski thermal soak; one of the best kept NOT secrets of Sun Valley Resort. J. Johnson photo

Get ready to step wide of the well-traveled trail here.

Discovering the indulgent thrill of a hot spring soak in the Wood River Valley implies exploratory work with a truly local-vibe reward.

The back facets of Sun Valley Resort’s Bald Mountain have not been named Warm Springs on a whim. From within the Mount itself, flows naturally occurring thermal waters which exit to mingle with a flowing creek at the mountain’s base. This creek features ebbs where shallow, slower moving eddies make perfect settings for hot spring kick-back sessions.

Step one is locating both spring and eddie. Step two requires a natural stone ‘wall’ be set in place, pooling the flow of warm water which, once blended with passing creek waters, creates an idyllic Sun Valley setting for a truly unique, all-natural hot spring soak.

Said recreation, information site, Visit Sun Valley, “for some of us, healing resides beyond the white towels and cucumbers over eyes; we need a more rustic ambiance.”

In Closing…

When it comes to family-friendly activity amongst unparalleled beauty, Sun Valley Resort, within Wood River Valley, offers a diverse spectrum of truly distinctive options.

Whether enjoying a holiday date stay or a longer vacation, Sun Valley Resort is the hot spot for your whole family.

Consider yourself invited to ‘The Tradition.’

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