5 Local Tips To Maximize A Powder Day At Grand Targhee

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Big Pow at Targhee. Image: Powder Day Photography

With 500+” or 41+ feet of average annual snowfall, Grand Targhee is sure to have a lot of powder days. We are here to give you 5 basic tips on ways to maximize your powder days at the Ghee. This resort is known for its dry Teton powder and incredible views. If you’re looking for a powder day that lasts more than the first 5 runs in the morning, head to Grand Targhee. Once you get there, use these 5 tips to make the most out of your day.

5 Local Tips To Maximize A Targhee Powder Day:

Typical lift line on a powder day at Grand Targhee. Image: Grand Targhee Facebook Page

1. Get There Early

Grand Targhee is a hidden gem, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a line for first chair on a powder day. The lines aren’t long at all, but it helps to get there early for your best shot at untouched powder turns. If you’re looking to get first chair on a DEEP powder day, Targhee might be one of your best bets.

Deep tree skiing at Targhee. Image: Powder Day Photography

2. Ski The Trees

The mountains of Grand Targhee are relatively exposed to the elements, which leaves them especially susceptible to strong winds during snow storms. These winds tend to pack the snow in and it can take away the powdery feeling. Don’t worry though, there’s plenty of trees to hold that deep powder in its perfect form. When I head to Grand Targhee on a deep powder day, I will head straight to the trees on the skier’s left of Dreamcatcher. They hold powder well and you will find untouched powder all day long.

The new Blackfoot lift at Grand Targhee. Image: Lift Blog

3. Hit Blackfoot

If you’re headed to Grand Targhee and you are looking for that blower powder, Blackfoot is a safe bet. Even if the wind is hitting the mountain hard, Blackfoot has the goods. It is full of trees that harbor the blowing snow and it piles up there throughout the storm. Even if it isn’t windy, this lift is less busy and it is a great place to guarantee yourself powder turns all day long.

Hiking Mary’s Nipple at Grand Targhee. Image: North America 100

4. Hike Mary’s

Just when you thought you were done with untouched powder turns for the day, you remember Mary’s Nipple. This mountain holds powder for days, if not weeks after a storm. The terrain is a wide open bowl, it’s like a powder funnel. The hike takes about 20-30 minutes max and it’s well worth it. The track is booted out by mid-morning on a powder day and it’s good to go from there on out.

Daily mountain tour at Grand Targhee. Image: Grand Targhee Resort

5. Complimentary Daily Mountain Tour

If you’re a first-timer at Grand Targhee, this is the perfect resource to make the most of your time. These instructor-led tours teach you about the mountain and its numerous runs. Get inside tips on hidden powder stashes, learn the mountain, short cuts to lifts, explore the vast terrain, and enjoy incredible views of the Grand Tetons, Teton Valley, Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana. You’ll also get inside tips on après activities at Grand Targhee Resort.

Faceshot on Mary’s Nipple. Image: Powder Day Photography

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