5 Reasons Why Treeline Cirque is a Game Changer at Alpine Meadows, CA

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sherwood, alpine meadows,
Beautiful Sherwood. Credit: SVAM

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Treeline Cirque, the brand new high-speed quad at Alpine Meadows, is a complete game-changer at Alpine Meadows, CA. With a total ride time of approximately five minutes, the new chair now gives skiers and riders quick and direct access from the base area to both the front and back sides of the Alpine Meadows slopes.

1. Direct Access to the backside

Alpine Meadows’ backside houses the resort’s biggest and widest bowls that have incredible views of Lake Tahoe and can provide some epic powder turns or perfect spring corn. Before the new chairlift, getting out to Sherwood Express and the backside required a long traverse along Ray’s Rut, a hike from Summit over the High Traverse, or the ride on the ironically named Hot Wheels Chair that took nearly 15 minutes to the top. With the new Treeline Cirque Express, you can be on the backside quickly and easily in less than 10 minutes!

alpine meadows, arts knob
Art’s Knob. Credit: SVAM

2. Direct Access to Some Awesome Terrain on the Front Side

In a short 5 minute ride from the base, you can now quickly and easily lap some of Alpine’s best and steepest terrain. Head left off the chair for the popular Art’s Knob, Expert Shortcut runs and Hidden Knolls runs, or hang a right for steep and tree-speckled pitches like Sherwood Cliffs, Counterweight Gully, Our Father, and High Yellow Gully. Look out for (marked) cliffs in both directions!

chalet, alpine meadows,
Chalet. Credit: SVAM

3. Easier Access to On-Mountain Drinks & Dining

Getting to Alpine’s on-mountain dining has never been easier. The Chalet, a cozy Bavarian-style restaurant and bar, is the perfect spot to grab a warm raclette and cold beer while you warm up next to the fireplace or sit on the outdoor patio and watch skiers go by. To get the Chalet, take Treeline Cirque from the base to either the mid-station or top terminal, and ski down.

ice bar, alpine meadows
Ice bar. Credit: SVAM

The Ice Bar, a laid back outdoor spot on the backside, can now be accessed directly from the base. Take Treeline Cirque to the top, stay left, and follow signs to Sherwood Express. The Ice Bar is tucked away on skier’s left of Sherwood Run and is the perfect spot to soak in the sun and make some friends.

4. Treeline Cirque Can Run on Storm Days & in High Winds

The location and orientation of the new chairlift is slightly more protected than other chairlifts on the ridgeline, which means it can be favorable in high winds and inclement weather. Treeline Cirque chair has been able to operate on storm days when winds are howling at the top of Summit. The lift also gives easy access to awesome storm day tree skiing!

trail sign, alpine meadows
Trail sign. Credit: SVAM

5. It Splits the Crowds on Powder Days

In seasons past, Summit Express was THE chair to be at first run on a powder day at Alpine Meadows and rightfully so. Summit provides quick, easy access to some incredible expert terrain (Beaver Bowl, Pete’s Peril, Palisades, Keyhole, etc.) but being the one main lift from the base, it also drew quite a crowd on powder days (at least for the first few runs). Now with the addition of Treeline Cirque, skiers pick one or the other to start their day, and the powder-hungry crowds seem way more manageable and dispersed.

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