5 Signs of a Good Day at Whitewater, BC

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video of one powdery run at Whitewater today

2/17/18 Whitewater, BC Conditions Report,

aka 5 Signs of a Good Day at Whitewater

Although the official snow report only claimed 3 cm of new snow overnight, I woke up this morning to find around 10 cm, with more on the way. Overall, today’s conditions were light powder on top of a hard (but not icy) layer underneath. Weather was stormy with heavy snowfall throughout the day. To sum it all up, here’s 5 Signs of a Good Day at Whitewater.

1. You roll out of bed within walking distance of the lifts. That’s right, Whitewater is one of the few remaining resorts to allow overnight parking at the base of the resort. They even have electrical hookups for those with RV’s. More info here (https://www.skiwhitewater.com/ski-ride/mountain/safety-policies

Whitewater today. image: ryan faye/snowbrains

2. You roll up to a powder day at 9:30 AM on a holiday weekend and there are less than 30 people in line.

The base area restaurants were super busy around lunch time, but somehow I never waited more than 5-10 minutes in any lift line all day.

Whitewater today. image: ryan faye/snowbrains

3. Your mustache looks like this after one run.

Plenty of stashes to be found in the trees: On the Glory side, Backside Bowl to the trees below was skiing well all day. Similar story for the trees on the skiers left into Dynamite on the front side.

4. Every run is better than the one before it.

It absolutely dumped throughout the day, and any existing moguls were quickly being submerged. By the end of the day, the new snow was closer to 30 cm deep, minimum.

Whitewater today. image: ryan faye/snowbrains

5. You finish the day with more friends than you started with (unlike the aggro-brofest that is a Squaw Valley pow day, people are generally nicer here and won’t step on your skis in line. Probably.)

More info regarding the evolution of Whitewater as a ski resort can be found here (https://www.skiwhitewater.com/media/videos/evolution-whitewater)

Tomorrow should be even better!!

Whitewater today. image: ryan faye/snowbrains


image: whitewater, tomorrow


image: snow-forecast.com, tomorrow

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