6 Things a Backcountry Skier Doesn’t Want to Hear About

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Backcountry (BC) skiers think they are better than all liftserve (LS) skiers. They ski fresh powder every run, they never wait in line, and they ski the raddest lines in the mountain range. So sometimes BC skiers get sick of hearing LS skiers talk about inbounds skiing. So if you are an LS skier, here is a list of topics to avoid when talking to you BC skier friends.

1) How the groomers were skiing

“The groomers were ripping in the morning! Perfect cord!” – LS Skier

Chances are your BC skier friend was out dawn patrolling and skied some epic over the head powder run and was home by 11am. Perfect cord doesn’t cut it for him anymore.

2) Your last sidecountry adventure

“So, I totally took supreme lift up and dropped into rocky point. I hit A-Fram, well sorta, at least I think it was A-Frame, then we hit up Patsy. There were hardly any tracks” – LS Skier

By the time LS skiers are venturing into the sidecountry it is totally tracked out and the BC skiers are off skiing big lines far away. It’s great that you are getting off of the same 2,500 acres you always ski, but its just not hardcore enough for you BC skiing bro.

3) How the lift was walk on after lunch

“Instead of going in for lunch today, I just grabbed a couple bars and skied straight thru. At like 11:30 all the tourist went in and it was walk on for the rest of the day!” – LS skier

Your BC skier mate, saw 3 other people all day. She was out enjoying the beautiful day in peace with no tourist and no lift lines at all. Talking about lift-lines, even a lack of lines is a downer.

4) New glueless skin technology

It doesn’t work and nobody cares.

5) How you found the last powder stash inbounds

“I totally found the last pow stash in my secret little zone and it was sick! I must have had 3 connected turns that were totally untouched! and it hasn’t snowed in like a day.” – LS skier

If your BC skiing pal is only connecting 3 turns the whole slope is definitely tracked to shit. So why are you telling him about skiing tracked out crap?

6) How you will totally go backcountry skiing just as soon as your (fill in the blank) arrives in the mail.

“Hey man! Let go ski across the road soon, i’m just waiting for my beacon, probe, skins, backpack, touring bindings, and cast system, then i’m totally good to go. I have a shovel already!” – LS Skier

“Bro, it would be so sick to go BC skiing with you! let me know when you get your gear!” – BC Skier

For real though, your BC skier bud wants to go ski in the BC with you, but he doesn’t want to keep hearing how you are waiting on this and that. Just get the gear and go!


What are inbounds skiers sick of hearing backcountry skiers talk about? Let us know in the comments.

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9 thoughts on “6 Things a Backcountry Skier Doesn’t Want to Hear About

  1. sick of hearing how there are no good runs LS riding. I enjoy both BC and LS snowboarding. Nothing wrong with getting a bit of both. By refusing LS riding, your missing some fun terrain. Also, while BC rising gets the more epic lines, you get a ton more runs on an LS day

  2. cool bro I ski the backcountry and count my vert so I can claim it to everyone on the internet.

  3. I do both and both have there place and time. Weekends it’s the back country, weekday powder storm let’s hit the slopes.

  4. Go snowcat skiing and get 8-10 perfect powder laps , sorry , to lazy to earn my turns !

  5. Well, resort skiers may not get to ski untracked very often, but neither is he death marching up hill for a few hours for one 10 minute run. Let me know when I can get a dozen or more untouched powder runs in in one day for under a few thousand dollars, I’ll gladly sign up. Multiple less than perfect runs > one divine run.

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