5,500 Mile Swim To Raise Plastic Pollution Awareness

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Ben Lecomte is going to attempt to swim across the Pacific Ocean. According to Adventure Sports Network, he was the first person to swim across the Atlantic Ocean back in 1998 and will now attempt to be the first person to swim 5,500 miles from Tokyo to San Francisco, a 6 month journey. His goal is to raise awareness about plastic pollution in the Pacific Ocean.

Map of Ben Lecomte’s swim. Credit: Outside Magazine

He will not be alone on this 6 month journey. Lecomte will have a 67-foot long steel-hulled sail boat trailing him at all times. The boat is fully loaded to be self-sufficient and Lecomte will eat, sleep, rest on the boat. On the boat will be a GPS tracker for precisely measuring where and when Ben exits and enters the water for him to be able to start in the correct location.

Ben Lecomte Swimming. Credit: Outside Online

He is not only swimming to raise awareness, but also for science. Along his journey across the Pacific, the team aboard the boat will be collecting nearly 1000 samples of some interesting subjects. Some include, radiation from the Fukushima nuclear power plant meltdown indecent, high definition water data, extreme exercise effects on the heart, and the psychological challenges along the way.

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