63″ of Snow in 72 Hours @ Snow Ridge Ski Resort, NY

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snow ridge ski resort
Snow Ridge Ski Resort today. photo: Geoffrey Leonard/Powderchasers.com

Lake effect snow has been pounding Snow Ridge Ski Resort in upstate New York.

Snow Ridge Ski Resort in Upstate New York has logged over 63 inches in 40 hours and still nuking 3 inches per hour.Powderchasers.com

View Larger Map, Snow Ridge Ski Resort location.

They got 19″ of snow between midnight and 8:30am EST, 38″ of snow yesterday, and 22″ of snow on Wednesday.  

snow ridge
Snow Ridge Ski Resort area today. photo: Geoffrey Leonard/Powderchasers.com

Here’e there ski report.  We love the shout out to Lake Ontario:

Latest Ski Report

This report is effective 8am Friday, December 13, 2013

Today appears to be a repeat of the past two days.  As of 7 this morning we have received 19″ of snow and it’s still snowing.  Add that to the accumulation from Wednesday & Thursday of 38″ and we’re at 57″ and counting.  There’s even more on top of the slopes.

Snow Ridge will be open Friday from 10am to 4pm with one lift serving 6+ trails.  We will be skiing and riding on powder, powder and more powder.

It’s gonna be a wonderful day to spend on the slopes – especially being all the snow is from Mother Nature.  Plan on being here early.

A special shout out to THANK LAKE ONTARIO !!!!

Snow Ridge ski resort yesterday.
Snow Ridge ski resort yesterday.


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  1. I grew up in the snow belt that sweeps the Tug Hill Plateau. As a kid I had no appreciation of lake effect. I thought snowfall was latitude dependent and that it snowed that much everywhere. The snowbanks were higher than the car sometimes. It definitely got me stoked for a lifetime on skis.

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