7 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Snow Sports Enthusiast

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Do you have someone in your life who’s snow crazed and you can’t think of what to get them for the holidays?  We have 7 perfect holiday gift ideas for that will have them looking like a little kid on Christmas when they unwrap your present.

Voormi Jacket/Vest

Men’s Voormi Inversion Jacket, image: Voormi.com

Voormi is an up and coming Colorado-based company focused on changing outerwear in the snow sports industry forever.  They are creating a more advanced way of waterproofing.  Rather than using the traditional method of gluing layers together, they directly knit the waterproofing into the fabric.  This allows them to create one of the most breathable, warm and waterproof products on the market.  They carry men’s and women’s jackets/vests ranging from $300-$500.

GoPro Video Camera

GoPro Fusion, image: gopro.com

GoPro has changed the action camera game again with the GoPro Fusion.  It captures 5.2k quality video looking both forwards and backwards similtaniously, while adding gimbal-like stabilization to the footage.  After a little editing, your footage can be played as VR content.  Of course if you aren’t looking for something that technologically advanced, they also offer the Hero 6 Black, which captures cinematography 4k footage, and doesn’t need a case for protection.  The price for the Hero 6 Black is $500, and the Fusion has a price point of $700.

Fischer Ski Boots

Fischer RC4 CURV Boots, image: fischersports.com

Fischer has been in the ski and boots industry for 90 years, but they finally made an overhaul to set them above the rest.  This winter they introduced a three-level, all new customization program.  It includes a 3D foot modeling analysis machine, custom kits to heat mold for the ideal fit, and patented plastic which flexes in all temperatures and weather.  Combining the three following features makes Fischer’s RC4 Curv the most customizable and comfy boot on the market.  They cost around $700 depending on the model and retailer.

CEP Ski Ultralight Socks

CEP Compression Socks, image: chicagotribune.com

The CEP Ski Ultralight Socks are the socks to give you a leg up on your competition.  Countless sock manufacturers claim their compression socks will help reduce fatigue and speed up muscle recovery, but none can back their claim like CEP.  On top of using medical grade compression, they incorporate a new textile called Smart Infrared.  The unique textile is able to absorb heat your feet let off, which allows your toes to stay warm even on those brutally cold days.  Snag a pair for the snow sports enthusiast in your life for $55 a pair.

Custom Franco Snowboard

Custom Franco Snowshapes Snowboard, image: francosnowshapes.com

We haven’t forgotten about the snowboarders out there, and this gift idea will have them losing their mind as they unwrap it.  Get them a handcrafted, customized snowboard from the leader in the market, Franco Snowshapes.  The high-performance, top-of-the-line boards they produce come from 35 years’ experience of designing, building, and riding the boards themselves.  The customization process uses the “Rider Genome Profile” tool, which will create a snowboard that suits their every needs.  Order one online soon so it can arrive before the holidays, for around $1400.

Bern Watts Helmet

Bern EPS MIPS Watts Helmet, image. bernunlimited.com

You care for the person you’re buying holiday gifts for, so what could be more reassuring than buying them a new helmet?  The Bern Watts EPS MIPS Helmet is the perfect balance of style and safety.  It includes EPS foam for impact absorption, as well as MIPS technology, which disperses force on impact.  The BOA racheting dial closure system makes adjustments quick and ideal for a perfect fit.  To top it off, it has removable and interchangable liners, making it the only helmet needed for year round activities.  Pick one up for $129.

Bonx Grip

Bonx Grip Package, image: bonx.co

When ripping the slopes it is essential to remain in contact with the rest of your crew, and that’s where the Bonx Grip comes into play.  It creates hands-free, private small group linked conversations a breeze.  Put the waterproof, shock-resistant earphone on and you can communicate with your crew anywhere on the mountain.  The dual microphone uses multi-layer wind and noise reduction technology, and only transmits when a user speaks, preserving battery, and minimizes cellular data usage.  To make it even better, the open-back earphone allows the user to hear surrounding noises for safety.  Grab one of four colors for $140 on their website.

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