The 7 Highest Ski Resorts in the Pacific Northwest

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snowy mountains, cascade, pacific northwest
The Cascade Mountain Range. Credit:

The Pacific Northwest is a region full of lush forests, coastal beaches, and snowy mountains. This article defines the Pacific Northwest as the U.S. states of Oregon and Washington.

A large part of the PNW is dominated by the Cascade Range which is scattered with several ski resorts.  Some of the snowiest resorts in North America are located in this area.

The Pacific Northwest receives so much snow, because of the storms created in the Gulf of Alaska. Cyclogenesis strengthens these Gulf storms and the jet stream pushes the storm right into the PNW.

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Here are the highest resorts in the PNW


#1 – Mt. Bachelor, OR, 9,065 ft

oregon, bachelor, ski resort
The highest ski resort in the Pacific Northwest. Credit:

#2 – Timberline Lodge, OR, 8,540 ft

timberline lodge, ski area, Oregon
Timberline has an average yearly snowfall of 540 inches. Credit:

#3 – Anthony Lakes Mountain Resort, OR, 8,000 ft

oregon, anthony lakes mountain resort

#4 – Mt. Ashland, OR, 7,533 ft

Mt. Ashland, Oregon, ski resort, pacific northwest

#5 – Mt. Hood Meadows, OR, 7,300ft

OR, Mt. Hood, snow, ski, pacific northwest
Mt. Hood Meadows is one of the largest ski resorts in Oregon. Credit:

#6 – Crystal Mountain, WA, 7,012 ft

Washington, ski resort, Crystal, pacific northwest
The highest ski resort in Washington. Credit:

#7 – Mission Ridge, WA, 6,820 ft

Washington, mission ridge, ski resort, snow, pacific northwest
Mission Ridge receives some of the lightest snow in Washington. Credit:

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