7 Reasons You Should NOT Move to a Mountain Town…

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photo:  deep
photo: deep

This is list was created to make you laugh…  we think.  The guys at Death of the Press Box put this list together, along with some strong language and they bring up all the points of mountain living for boys that we all complain about.

We’ve listed the 7 reasons you shouldn’t move to a mountain town below, but you’ve got to click the link below to read the details behind each reason.


Seven reasons you should not say F*** It and move to a mountain town

1) You will not find a job:

2) You will be cold:

3) You will be Broke.

4) You will not get laid:

5) You’re not needed up there. You’re needed down here: 


6) You will miss lots of things:

7) …The years just disappear:

Ouray, CO.
Ouray, CO.

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