70 Injured in Christmas Day Piranha Attack in Argentina

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70 people enjoying their holiday in the Argentine city of Rosario were attacked by a shoal of piranhas in the Parana River on Christmas Day, according to the Daily Mail.  Temperatures had soared to over 100 degrees and locals were taking respite from the heat in the river when the piranha attacked.

This attack is the worst piranha attack in Rosario since 2008, when 40 swimmers were injured by piranha in the Parana River.

In general, piranha attacks are rare in Rosario.

“This sort of event in this area is absolutely sporadic. It was the conjunction of two factors, a shoal that passed very briefly through an area full of people.” – Ricardo Biasatti, Rosario government spokesman

piranha river

Signs were posted informing visitors that bathing was prohibited where the attack happened.

Could you imagine chilling in a river in your hometown and being attacked by piranhas?  Just another day in the life for the Argentines.

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